A Guide To The Best Gaming Monitors & Gaming CPU

Nowadays, computer games have swept over the young generation like wildfire. These games evoke the feeling of escaping from reality and the players feel like they are living in the world of their characters. Gaming is addictive to many and most people spend plenty of hours in front of the monitor, lost in the game. To ensure the best experience while playing, gaming monitors should be used. Certain features should be noted before buying one to enhance the game which provides better and smoother gameplay. The specifications of the monitor should be good enough for such games. Some of the features to keep in mind are:

NOTE: The best CPU that are available on the mainstream gaming laptop. For entry-level gaming, look for the Core i5-8300H in laptops like the Asus TUF, the HP Pavilion 15, and the MSI GL63. Best CPU for Gaming Laptop of Intel's 8th-gen Core chips bring quad-core performance to superthin laptops such as Dell's XPS 13 and HP's Spectre x360 13.

Graphics Resolution

Any computer game is incomplete without perfect and clear graphics. The creators spend many days to make the gameplay presentable and unique by using computer graphics and the gaming monitors should be able to give justice to them. It should not be pixelated to the point where the images are distorted. Instead of increasing the quantity of the pixels, having denser pixels is considered a better option for maximum resolution. Another extension of this is the aspect ratio, which refers to the shape of the game screen that is being displayed.

The resolution of the computer monitor depends on the gaming system. The GPU system that is used for such games should be strong in order to have good graphics without slowing of the performance. To experience great resolutions for the graphics, a minimum of 4 GB ram is required.  16:9 is considered as the best aspect ratio for computer gaming as it ensures the widest view on the screen.


The size of gaming monitors mainly depends on the player. It does not affect the performance but can merely make the experience better, like the difference between watching a movie on the television and watching it in the movie hall. The size of the monitor is measured in inches usually. While larger monitors can make the feeling of living the character’s life even more realistic, smaller monitors generally tend to lag less compared to them and produce less of a delay.

Response Time

The response time of the gaming monitors refers to the average speed of pixels from active, to inactive and then finally fully active. Once the frame of an image has been processed, the last step is to show the right color in the pixels for a new frame. This process is what either increases or decreases the response time in the monitor. It could look like the pixels are in movement but have not completely moved on from the previous frame. More response time could ruin the experience of a game and cause a delay which is not a good thing in games that require rapid responses.

It is important to understand the significance of certain features in the gaming monitors and one should research properly before buying one. Gamers should know what matches their gaming system and get the appropriate computer monitor for it to enhance their gameplay. There are many monitors that have great features at a suitable price in the market and gamers should keep an eye on them.